Hello I'm Tom (Artifex) and I love Alien! When the Alien RPG game was first announced I was super excited. When I first played it, I was surprised by what a good system it was (I'd mainly played D&D upto this point). I was the DM for a lot of D&D games and I wanted to get my players into Alien but no one had the book except me and there were no character creation tools out there. So I thought "hey I should make a character creator so people can get into the game more easily". This was how Game-Mother was born !!!

The character creator is the first thing I've made, it's a little clunky but it'll fill in the character sheet PDF for you. Disclaimer: I am NOT a proffessional web developer/programmer. I am an IT geek who is bungling through all this, with a LOT of help from Google :P

I have plans for more tools and to further develop the Character Creator into something much better. I'd appreciate any feedback/ideas you guys have, so send me an email: artifex.gamemother@gmail.com

Current Plans: