04/12/2023: Character Creator v0.60 UPDATE (Building Better Worlds)

26/04/2023: New Book: Building Better Worlds

You can pre-order the book from here: Preorder

13/04/2023: Update: Introducing the Character Sheet 2.0

  • Character Creator Updated to v0.50
  • New Cleaner and more Concise Design
  • Second Page Added
  • 4 Extra talent slots
  • 4 New critical injury slots
  • Cash field
  • Max Health Field
  • Vehicle/Loadout Section
  • Character Background/Bio Section
  • Notes Section
  • Company, Governments and Organizations Section
  • 03/09/2022: Coming Soon: GM Alien RPG Companion App!

    26/04/2022: Update - Character Creator v0.42 - Minor Fix/Optimisation

    I've noticed some loading problems with the external PDF JavaScript libraries which the character creator uses, so I've hosted them on this site and removed the external references to them. This will prevent the issue in the future :)

    3/02/2022: New Tool - Random NPC Generator is up !

    Will generate random NPC stat blocks for you, including random personalities and quirks. You can find it in the GM Tools section :)

    1/02/2022: Update - Character Creator v0.41 - Minor Fixes

  • Fixed - CMOM Marines Skill Point Logic - Minimum of 1 in Close Combat, Ranged Combat and Stamina now enforced
  • Fixed - CMOM Marine Quick Build Templates updated accordingly to reflect the above
  • 31/01/2022: Character Creator v0.4 Colonial Marines UPDATE is up!

  • Added Colonial Marines Operations Manual (CMOM) Careers
  • Added Colonial Marines Operations Manual (CMOM) Talents
  • Added Quick Build Functionality
  • Added Random Name Generator
  • Added CMOM Marine Weapon and Armor Stats to Character Sheet (will add this feature to Core Book Careers in the future)
  • 10/09/2021: Update - Character Creator v0.3 is up!

  • Added Talent Descriptions
  • Added Attribute Descriptions
  • Can now have a custom Signature Item
  • UI tweaks for readability
  • Bug Fix: Android Health didn't display correctly if Strength was selected as the second bonus
  • 05/09/2021: Update - Character Creator v0.2 is up, changes: UI update, Career Art added, Career Descriptions added, More Complex Logic added for attribute/skill point checking, fixed some bugs with Android characters which wouldn't display correct Health or encumbrance

    04/09/2021: Added - Fillable Ship Sheet PDFs, you can get them in the Downloads secion

    1/09/2021: Site Launched !!! The Character creator v0.1 is up and running, hope it helps in your Alien games :)