Alien RPG - Character Creator || Created by Tom Cornelius (Artifex) v0.60

- Update v0.60 - Building Better Worlds: Wildcatter, Entertainer Careers Added
- Update v0.52 - Talent Description filled out in notes, Armor and Weapon Stats filled out (Character Sheet v2.0 only)
Tip: Click Quick-Build to Auto-fill the character sheet with recommended values based on your selected career
1 - Character

Most of your friends will never see another world... but not you. As soon as you were old enough, you signed up for the USCMC. The pay is crap and the food is worse, but you've always got a bunk to sleep in and you get to shoot all sorts of weapons at all sorts of things. Life in the corps is never dull-but the luster has begun to fade. You've seen things that you'll never be able to forget, and plenty you wish you could.

2 - Attributes - 14 Points, 2-4 per attribute, can assign 5 to Key attribute, Androids get + 3 to 2 attributes (Max of 8 in Key Attribute and 7 in others)
Points: 14
Max Points: 14
Strength - Heavy Machinery, Stamina, Close Combat, Max Health, Encumbrance
Agility - Mobility, Ranged Combat, Piloting
Wits - Observation, Comtech, Survival
Empathy - Command, Manipulation, Medical Aid
3 - Skills - 10 Points, Max 3 points in Key Skills and Max 1 in others
Points: 10
Max Points: 10
4 - Talents - Start the game with 1 talent, 1st Talent must be a Career Talent (can't take Career talents from other Careers) or indicated by Marine Speciality

Between fights, you release the tension in your team with some friendly banter. Your STRESS LEVEL and the STRESS LEVEL of everyone in SHORT range of you, drops two steps (instead of one) for every Turn spent in the safe place. Having several Marines with this talent doesn't increase the effect.

5 - Gear - Choose a Signature Item and 2 other items
Choose 2 from: M41A Pulse Rife or M56A2 Smart Gun, M314 Motion Tracker or 2 G2 Electroshock Grenades, IRC MK.35 Pressure or Personnel Armor, Signal Flare or Deck of Cards

Basic Gear: Military ID Key Tags, Battledress Utilities, M3B Standard Boots, IMP Individual Marine Pack (Includes Personal Medkit), M10 Ballistic Helmet, M3 Personnel Armor With Built-In Personal Data Transmitter (PDT), TNR Shoulder Lamp

Speciality Gear: M41A Pulse Rifle, Electronic Tools

Bonus Gear:

Note: The character creator will still allow you to generate the PDF if there are errors (this is intended for people who want to make custom careers/NPCs ect.)